Usage of Weapons in the Bullet Force game

Video games have become an important part of our lives. They are interactive and it causes the usage of our brain cells. Some strategic games have always pulled in people from all sides of the world. The age of the internet has brought in several people who share the love for a game. But before playing we will need to know about them in depth. Just let us have a look at the key components of the Bullet Force video game. So, let us begin with it.

What type of game is Bullet Force?

Bullet Force is a first party shooting based game which is multiplayer in nature. You can run it on Oss like Windows, Ios, Macintosh etc. The game revolves around some map areas so that you can play at several places and enjoy yourself without getting bored. The game was designed by an 18-year old and he did an amazing job in making this thing a success.

What are the weapons that you use in the game?

A shooting based game will always require you to carry weapons. In this game, the writer has divided the chapters into different sections and beats so that it is easy to work with them. Here are the weapons:

Light weapons are mainly the ones that you will use during the first few days of playing the game. Some examples of light weapons are MNR-7 Bio Reactive, Confed LZR-10, Foley 356 Tactical, Jax-IP etc.

Medium weapons are better than the light weapons and they do come handy in some places. The examples of these include Confed LZR-23, L-Shot 75, MK-ASLT, Jax-IR, Bower 20 and Ion Beamer.

Heavy weapons do have a weight to them but they are one of the best things to use in class. Some of the heavyweight weapons are Rail CLVR, A50 Bio reactive, Plutonium Cutter, Sweeper etc.

Other than these you will also get grenades collected from several places and they have unique names. You will also get throwing knives and darts that will help in injuring the opponents.

Tips on weapons that you should follow to play the game:

Definitely, follow these tips if you want to be a good player and have a nice game. They are:

Always check the guns that you have on yourself. Guns will always be an important decider of winning the game.

Definitely try to use the Hawk’s stealth if you get your hands on it. It immensely 

helps in winning tough games. Recharge her whenever you see a low energy warning.

If you have a canon, then fire it immediately rather than holding back on it.

The miscellaneous exploding barrels are also a nice way of killing your opponent. Just see that you are using the weapon strategically. Use Bullet Force Hack to get Bullet force free gold when you are in desperate need of it.

So, here is some information that you will definitely need while playing the game. These tips and tricks will help you out in winning the games. Enjoy the game with your friends and family.

Blackberry Bold Looking to Take the Smartphone Genre; but Can it Beat the iPhone?

Since the iPhone dropped sometime ago, little has hit the market that truly contends with the wonder that is Apple’s cell phone creation. But Blackberry, the maker of all things smart, is gearing up to release a contender, and it looks like it could take the big title. The Blackberry Bold will be released this summer and first looks and hands-on reviews have it seated right next to the iPhone ready to take the title of “best smartphone ever!”. Before we pick a winner lets see how the phones stack up against each other.
Specifications amp; Features

The iPhone stands super sleek with the following dimensions; 115 x 61 x 11.6 mm and weighs in at 135g according to GSMarena. The Blackberry is a bit lighter at 133g but the difference is neglible. It is a touch thicker and a bit wider than the iPhone though with the following dimensions; Length: 114mm, Width: 66mm, Thickness: 14mm.

Both the iPhone and the Bold offer up most of the same exact features. They both offer up bluetooth, mp3 playback, headphone jacks, wi-fi access, e-mail and texting. According to Crackberry the Bold’s display will be a HVGA, 480 x 320 pixels, Transmissive TFT LCD screen that supports over 65k colors The iPhone offers up something similar but the Bold’s screen is apparently far better. Blackberry is fairly well known for their screen quality so that comes as no surprise. The build quality is supposedly good on both, although the iPhone appears slightly sleeker.


Apple’s first parlay into the cell phone arena was a good one, without a doubt, but initial bugs had some consumers crying foul. Honestly what can you expect from a first time phone manufacturer, but with the bugs ironed out the iPhone is certainly functional. It’s biggest claim to fame is the touchscreen. While it’s a nice touch I don’t find it particularly practical so I was excited to see that blackberry stuck with their old fashion full-sized QWERTY keyboard for their new Bold. My concept on this is “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” and personally I think Blackberry has one of the nicest keyboards around (this coming from a sidekick convert says a lot).

On top of it’s nice keyboard the Blackberry has had a long standing relationship with most major carriers thus the new phones will likely be available across the board for all carriers to varying degrees. To me this is a big plus for the Bold as the iPhone has been exclusive with Cingular/AT T; since it’s launch date.

The Bold will run on a high-speed 3G wireless network according to The Sacramento Business Journal which will make the loading of web pages a breeze, adapters will also enjoy seamless streaming video from applicable websites. The iPhone runs on the EDGE network that loads something like a 56k connection (remember those) according to Network Computing.

The Bold will likely offer up about 5 hours of talk time and 13 days of stand-by. The iPhone currently fares a bit better with about 7 hours of talk time but stand-by is only about 10 days. The Bold surpasses stand-by time by about three days but that all remains to be seen as stand-by are often “mileage may vary”

Design amp; Appeal

Both the iPhone and the Bold are sleek looking smartphones that anyone would be proud to carry. The Bold appears to tote a bit more rugged design and is not nearly as glossy and polished at the iPhone, although that might be a good thing for many, less prone to scratch and what not. The bold also offers up a nice sized keyboard that is on the front of the phone, make sure you lock it to avoid any random phone calls or texts, but of all the design is nice, not nearly as innovative or tech-savvy as the iPhone but it does the job just fine.

The iPhone has long appealed to the 20-something apple crowd, but the Bold will likely appeal to the business (wo)man who is looking for something a bit more business-like. The business crowd has long flocked to the blackberry phones so that should come as no surprise.


In short the Bold is a nice new innovative phone that will offer up a quick hi-speed connection. Overall it’s a nice upgrade for the business crowd but it will take a lot for it to blow the iPhone out of the water, after all Apple has somewhat of a cult following.

Tips for playing Guns of boom

Guns of the boom is a game which only deals with action. You can see more than 48 types of guns and weapons in here. Starting from Rifles to grenade, every type of explosive is here. The game was launched by Game Insight. You have to buy this ammunition with your resource and with every up gradation, you will be unlocking new features that will make your game easier. Once you start playing the game, you will realize how addictive this game is and why you need to have a proper strategy.

When you are starting this game, it is advisable to look into tutorials. You should also see the details of the weapons so that you can choose the right weapon that will suit your fighting style. Many guides will help you to give a clear view of this game. This game is the best way to kill all your free time by attacking the opponent and will also make you alert. Just like the other game where you will be using your resources so you should always spend them wisely so that you can constantly upgrade your weapons.

So let’s see some of the important points to keep in mind while playing this game.

Things to keep in mind

Here you will be using different types of weapon, and it will be quite difficult for you to learn the skill of using each of them. So if you are a beginner, then you should always try to start with one type of weapon and keep upgrading it and master the weapon so that you can kill any enemy with that particular weapon. And while fighting if you see that your enemy has a similar weapon then you can kill them and take their weapon. Because you can also happen that the weapon is more updated than yours.

If you are not good with using the weapons, then you can also use the grenade. When you are using the grenade, you won’t have to make any particular target. All you have to do is throw the grenade to your opponent’s radius. And it can cause huge damage so always try to use the grenade at a place where a large number of enemies are gathered. So try to learn how to hack guns of boom for gaining guns of boom free gunbucks.

If you want to win more gunbucks or other similar weapons, then you will have to participate in the chest that will appear after 6 hours. You can also tell your friends to join a clan so that you can strategize properly.

Another thing that you have to keep in mind is not to die. In this game which you will be getting if you can stay alive and make the double kill. A double kill will fetch you 12 points while a triple kill will fetch you 25 points.

If you are good at shooting then always try to perform the headshots. So when you are using the rifle, it cannot help you to do the headshot if it is not upgraded. Once you update your weapon, it will make it extremely dangerous for your enemies to attack you because you will not only kill them with a headshot, but you will also get extra points. So try to get more guns of boom free fun bucks.

Keep always these points in mind so that you can easily win the game. There are many hacks that you can implement to get some more resources or guns of boom free fun bucks. But always use a reliable site and do not enter your details. And do not provide money in exchange for resources. Read the reviews carefully of the past users to get the overview of the site.

What Makes a Game Successful?

Are you passionate about gaming? If so, you are at the right place. Interestingly, the games which are designed in the 21st century are not only focused on competitiveness but also considered as a way to enhance intellectual, analytical and problem-solving skills. Moreover, many interesting and mind-boggling games are appreciated by gamers all around the world. Clash Royale is one great example which provides the ability to its user to improve their mental ability. The features below highlight the essential aspects of a successful game:

1. Mental Ability Test
Interestingly, the games which have been designed from 2012 onward are mainly focused on assisting gamers in terms of providing them with the best options to enhance their mental ability. Deck-based games like Clash Royale are some of the most prominent examples of such games which essentially focus on testing one’s analytical and problem-solving skills.

2. Flexibility
If you start listing some of the most successful games you have played, you will find that most of them have one thing in common – their ability to allow you to do whatever you want. Most successful games don’t restrict you to just one way of achieving a goal; you can try many different strategies and still reach the same goal!Clash Royale is one app-based game that provides the player with the opportunity to develop their own way to victory. The strategical aspect of the game helps the user have lots of fun!

3. Based on Logic
Destiny 2, Horizon Zero Dawn and Clash Royale are a few successful games of 2017. These games have some things in common, which include the fact that they all mainly focus on increasing the mental prowess of the user.

4. A Great Story
Of course, for a game to be successful, it must integrate a great story and execute it masterfully. As observed, many people are quite interested in story-based games which are appreciated by professional and seasonal gamers alike.

5. The Player Should Work for It
Most games are mainly focused on offering users with the option to control their player within the game. Most people prefer playing a challenging game, where their character has to struggle to complete the mission. If the task is quite easy to meet, the game is not considered as worthy, so a successful game must focus on making it difficult for the user so that they are challenged and stay interested in it.

6. Ability to Make Good Decisions
Whether it’s a game or daily life complexities, the only thing which could help you succeed is good decisions. Making these decisions can also help you enhance your decision-making ability, which helps you present yourself as a confident and quick decision maker.

7. App-Based Gaming
Currently, we are living in an app world where we are all surrounded by the apps on our smartphones. App-based games comes with the advantage that they are accessible on a smartphone which increases their usage. Playing productive app-based games can help one spend free time in a productive manner rather than wasting it on different social media platforms, helping the game be successful.

8. Based on Tournaments
Tournaments are considered as an essential feature in any successful game. It provides the user with the joy and will to struggle toward the mission. Many successful games come with the feature of competitive challenges which make a game more interesting and user-friendly.

9. Multiplayer Gaming Option
The multiplayer gaming option has been widely used as an essential feature of successful gaming around the world. It provides user with the chance to compete with their peers. Moreover, it helps one connect with others, which could be used as a good medium to network with people around the world. The feature also enables the gamer to collectively meet the milestone which develops a great spirit of teamwork.

The games which have been designed in the 21st century are far different and unique from the ones produced in the past. The idea of productive gaming has been widely appreciated around the world.
Not only does it satisfy and benefits gamers, but it has also helped developers generate a handsome amount of money. Supercell’s product Clash Royale is one example of productive and successful gaming in the 21st century which has raised a lot of money from the Play Store and App Store from players unless they used clash royale cheats 2018. However, its high utility adds more credibility to the product. We look forward to witnessing some interesting app-based games in the upcoming years.

The Poison Spell Clash of Clans Hack

Win Strategically

Before, when you thought of strategy games, what came to mind would be games like Age of Empires, Civilization, Starcraft, Command and Conquer, and a few others. Lately, a mobile game called Clash of Clans is the most popular member of that list of well-known games of the strategy genre.

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular strategy games in the current era of videogames, dominating most of this decade, as the game has been wildly popular since its release date in late 2012. The game revolutionized how to play strategy games on the touch screen of iPads, iPhones, and Android devices. This was all done by the very user friendly interface and the creators utilizing the touch screen and working through the lack of available buttons. Because of this, Clash of Clans has been sitting on the top of “Most Used Apps” lists for many years, and it shows no signs of stopping.

There are many ways of playing the game. Hacks are one way the player base of Clash of Clans efficiently progresses through the game. Clash of Clans hack are monumental in finding shortcuts through the game and efficiently teach you how to properly use resources, make sure that waste is minimized, and that goals are set and reached as fast and effectively as possible to become better at the game. Using these Clash of Clans cheats can make sure you can get good at the game and be ready to take on invading goblins and players, as well as invade them and expand your kingdom.

The Poison Spell

Using the vast array of spells provided in Clash of Clans strategically can deliver very promising advantages in the game unlike anything else. A Clash of Clans hack related to spells is the poison spell hack. The poison spell is one the most effective methods of fighting against the defensive clan castle troops. Using the poison Clash of Clans hack helps you take out their health by a great margin and reduce their abilities severely. Using the poison spell can drain the clan castle troops and also make them attack slower than before and even make them walk much slower and sluggishly. There are many ways you can use this poison Clash of Clans hack to make the best defense against clan castle troops.

The best thing about a Clash of Clans poison spell hack is that this spell deals a huge amount of damage to all defending troops, excluding your own troops and decreases their walking and attacking speeds greatly. The spell causes more damage the longer the enemy troop is within your range. But you have to take precautions when using it and be careful because the poison spell doesn’t charge on its own. You have to time it and not drop it immediately when a troop walks in because it causes more damage after 20 seconds of being used. This is truly a very strategic Clash of Clans hack.

Informative Details Regarding Snapchat Hack


Informative Details Regarding Snapchat Hack

There are number of tools you will see when you are searching hacking tool for snapchat and you will surely get best results to hack others account. Well, you will get different types of results for hacking tool and some of them ask for real money to make good use of hacking tool. However, the one who is asking money for hacking tool then, they will not provide you perfect outcomes. There are number of users of snapchat who are good in their work and they always search for those hacking websites which provide free facility.

If you really want to hack others account then just deal with best hacking tool which provides you free service. Snapchat hack help users to monitor others account and they allow saving sent and received messages, photos, and videos. The whole process of this hacking tool is easy and anyone make good use of this online hacking tool.


Reliable tool for getting private pictures

The tool is reliable for getting private pictures that users are sending to their dear ones and it is the best way to save your life if someone wants to ditch you in relationship. There are number of people who are taking help of Snapchat if they want to make others fool but, never worry if you know how to use snapchat hack. Now there is new trend of hacking Snapchat account of celebrities daily we are getting news or some are tweeting about their snapchat account which is hacked by someone. It is the only to watch some private pictures if you are willing or you love someone. Most of people are hacking account if they are single but have crush because it will tell you that you will get something or just wasting time. However, it is too rare that people are using Snapchat hack to get their hacked account because it is totally waste of time.

Most efficient way to get desired account information

It is the most efficient way to get what you desire from Snapchat hack that allow to hack others account if there is any doubt. However sometime you get problem because there is no single server on snapchat. There are number of servers you will see in snapchat headquarters and each of them has different number of security holes. Sometime you will get website which is fraud and they are taking personal information in order to hack bank account of user so be secure while choosing online.


Be aware of Scam hacking tool

However, if you are using hacking tool which is fake then you must give them information which is wrong because it is sure that everything is illegal in that website. But, if people are using hacking tool which is free then it is sure that no one trace because they will provide you the security of using a proxy. Snapchat hack is the only tool which becomes boon for people because they get each information if they are having crush or in relationship. If you are searching for good snapchat hacking tool the browse online and you will get number of options which are suitable for your account.

Instagram Hack- Enrich Your Knowledge


Instagram Hack- Enrich Your Knowledge

Are you using Instagram for enhancing your social life experience? If yes, then it is sure that you already know about the different attractive and beneficial features of Instagram. Now Instagram has replaced a lot of different social networking sites. People prefer to use Instagram instead of other social networking sites. The attractive features of Instagram grab the attention of more and more users. People always want an app that is awesome and suits to their different needs. Now it really becomes a solution for the different demands of the users. Now users can use such app for clicking pictures and applying different face filters to it. Now it is really very beneficial for the users who want to edit their pictures and also to share it with their friends. The demand of hacking tools is also increasing due to the increasing number of users who want to hack the different accounts of their friends. Instagram hack is a perfect tool for the users who want an easy and new way for hacking.

Features of Instagram Hack

When it comes to the matter of hacking tools then Instagram hack is having a lot of amazing features which also attract more and more users. When anyone wants to hack any account on Instagram then they need to know about such hacking tool. Such tools are very beneficial for a hacking number of accounts on Instagram. Many people are getting different problems in their hacking process. You can find in this article the most efficient and free way on the subject “how to hack Instagram“. When they are using the tools which are not useful and cause problems then they are not successful in hacking any account. They want to select the tool which used high techniques and strategies which are successful in any way. Such tools are very useful for hacking the different accounts in a convenient way. you also need to select a hacking tool which is safe for the users and also don’t create any problems for them in future. When you go deep to know about the features of such hacking tool then it is sure that you might be surprised after knowing the various features.


Let’s Get Deep About Instagram Hack Tool


Instagram teenagers.

People who are willing to hack any account they first need to make their decision regarding the selection of the hacking tool. After that, they can do something more. Most of the users always want a tool which is safe and also easy to use so that they don’t want to face different problems in future. You can see that many of the hack tools are very typical to use and also need some specific knowledge about the tool for using it. All we know that it is a very time-consuming process and also cause different problems. Many users want to hack the accounts of other to checkout their personal messages and pictures which are hidden or in any case. Users need to always aware about the features of the hack tool which they are going to choose for hacking the different accounts on Instagram.

Hay Day – The Farming Concept

Enhance The Knowledge About Farming Concept 

Are you a game lover? Want to play an interesting game? If yes then you just need to play Hay Day which is playing by a lot of players on a huge level. It is a farming game which is created by Supercell with the superb and unique concept. People are appreciating Hay Day a lot because by this they can easily enhance their knowledge about the farming concept. Many people want to do farming but due to the hustle bustle of life they can’t and by playing this they can feel that experience. In this game, you will get a chance to harvest crops in an own farm which you have to build or manage. A player can easily play such game by following the bubble texts which are provided by a scarecrow.

Role of diamonds

Diamond is one of the important resources of the game. While the playing you must focus on the ways by which diamonds can be collected. There are many ways by which you can fulfill the desire of diamonds and now I am going to describe some of them in the further article.

  • By watching a movie a player can also collect the diamonds and for this, they just need to find the pink movie ticket. After watching a movie you will get a reward which contains a diamond and some experience points.
  • In order to get diamonds player can also follow Hay Day on Facebook or search for hay day cheats diamonds. By this, you will get one diamonds and if you use your Facebook account in logging in this game then you will get five diamonds.
  • While playing Hay Day you will get many prize boxes and by clicking on those you can also get an opportunity to add diamonds.
  • The player can also spin the Wheel of fortune to get diamonds. While it is not sure that it will stop on diamonds but there is a bit possibility so you can also try this option.
  • Players can purchase diamonds for real money which is another way to get such resource. Generally, players don’t pick this option because they have to use real money.

Feed the animals

Animals are another main part of Hay Day and if you are a player then you can’t ignore the importance of it. Actually, this game is full of cute animals and they are playing an important role. Some animals also produce goods such as milk and eggs which can be sold and by this player can earn more money. Player has to give his proper attention to animals because they need proper take care. One important thing that you must keep in mind is feed animals time to time because if you don’t give a proper diet to them then they can die.  In order to feed them, you have to create a feed mill where you can manufacture the feed which can be sued for animals. In case you don’t have any feed mill then you can purchase this.

Sony PSP 3000 Review

When PlayStation Portable (PSP) was first launched by Sony in 2005, the Nintendo DS, which was launched earlier in 2004, gave it a tough competition. The PSP was a great gaming console, and used Sony’s optical UMD (Universal Media Disc) format exclusively as its storage media. It had a large LCD screen with great multimedia functionality and wireless networking. Its main competitor the Nintendo DS, on the other hand, had a clamshell design with dual screens and the bottom screen had touchscreen abilities. The DS also had a microphone and Wi Fi capabilities- a bit too much for the PSP to handle. Nevertheless, Sony sold millions of pieces to those who recognized its advanced graphics. In 2006 a slimmer and lighter version of the Nintendo DS, the DS Lite, hit the markets. Sony’s answer to the DS Lite was the PSP Slim and Lite ( PSP 2000) which was launched in 2007. The PSP 2000 was a slimmer and lighter version of the earlier PSP. It was faster, and enabled one to play by connecting it to a TV. Recently, Sony launched its latest gaming console, the PSP 3000. Although, outwardly the PSP 3000 looks similar to the PSP 2000, what can it do that the PSP 2000 cannot? Would the PSP 2000 buyer upgrade to the PSP 3000?
Inspite of the external similarities, the PSP 3000 comes with some extra features. The display is brighter and the contrast ratio is higher. It is also more responsive and has a wider range of colors. It also comes with anti-reflective technology. The video output uses the interlaced format and there is also a microphone that the PSP 2000 lacked. This means that the new PSP will display better brightness and color contrast in a fully lit-up environment.

The PSP 3000 is 6.63 inches wide, 2.81inches high and 0.63 inches thick as compared to the 0.9 inches thickness of the PSP 2000. It weighs about 6.7 ounces. The high glossy surface of the piano black model makes it susceptible to smudging. If you hate smudges, you can go in for the silver model which has a matte surface, although the screen remains glossy.

The front face looks similar to the PSP 2000 with the 4.3″ LCD widescreen with 480 x 272 pixels. Except for a slight difference in the lower row of buttons, every other button is the same. This includes the four navigation buttons on the left, the four characteristic controller-like buttons on the right with cross, triangle, square and circle icons. Then there are the buttons for controlling the volume and brightness with the home and start buttons at the bottom of the display. The microphone is located below the display. As usual the AV cum headphone jack is situated at the bottom side and the USB slot is on the top side.

The UMD is Sony’s self-designed storage media for all its gaming consoles. This special format can store around 1.8 GB of data, be it movies of games. If you buy a bundled version such as the Ratchet and Clank Entertainment bundle, it consists of ‘National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets’ and ‘Size Matters’, which is a move and game UMD respectively. If you just rely on UMDs for movies, you may be disappointed, as finding a movie UMD is a big challenge. Even if you find a few, the choice is limited.

The alternative to this is Sony’s self-designed (again) flash media, the Memory Stick Duo. MS Duo cards come in capacities of 1 GB through 16 GB. These may be included in a bundled version, but you can also buy them separately at a reasonable cost. The MS Duo card enables you to store your favorite movies, photos and music files to be viewed on the PSP.

Apart from playing games and watching movies, you can connect your PSP to your PC and transfer media files, including games. The 3.5 mm headphone connector allows you to use your stereo headphones to listen to your favorite music. You can make Skype to Skype free calls or even make paid Skype calls to your friends’ cell phones. The advantage of having the integrated mic is that you don’t need a headset with a mouthpiece. The PSP 3000 is Wi Fi enabled, so you can browse the web, although it is slow and cluttered. You can also listen to Shoutcast streaming internet radio, but this is a plug-in to the browser.

Out of the many disappointing things about the PSP 3000, one is Sony’s stiffness in using its own storage media such as the UMD and the MS card, which leaves you with very little choice. Also, using the browser is cumbersome, and limiting,

Although the screen’s brightness is perked up, it is reported to take its toll on the 1,200mAh battery time. So, with only a few marginal differences, it cannot be ascertained whether PSP 2000 owners will go in for an upgrade.

The new PSP 3000, that was launched this October, will cost $169 for a standalone piece and comes bundled with UMDs and an MS card for $200. The PSP 3000 has gathered some die-hard fans due to its enhanced graphics and wide choice of games for all age groups, and the Nintendo DS lacks both these features.