Month: February 2018

Tips for playing Guns of boom

Guns of the boom is a game which only deals with action. You can see more than 48 types of guns and weapons in here. Starting from Rifles to grenade, every type of explosive is here. The game was launched by Game Insight. You have to buy this ammunition with your resource and with every up gradation, you will be unlocking new features that will make your game easier. Once you start playing the game, you will realize how addictive this game is and why you need to have a proper strategy.

When you are starting this game, it is advisable to look into tutorials. You should also see the details of the weapons so that you can choose the right weapon that will suit your fighting style. Many guides will help you to give a clear view of this game. This game is the best way to kill all your free time by attacking the opponent and will also make you alert. Just like the other game where you will be using your resources so you should always spend them wisely so that you can constantly upgrade your weapons.

So let’s see some of the important points to keep in mind while playing this game.

Things to keep in mind

Here you will be using different types of weapon, and it will be quite difficult for you to learn the skill of using each of them. So if you are a beginner, then you should always try to start with one type of weapon and keep upgrading it and master the weapon so that you can kill any enemy with that particular weapon. And while fighting if you see that your enemy has a similar weapon then you can kill them and take their weapon. Because you can also happen that the weapon is more updated than yours.

If you are not good with using the weapons, then you can also use the grenade. When you are using the grenade, you won’t have to make any particular target. All you have to do is throw the grenade to your opponent’s radius. And it can cause huge damage so always try to use the grenade at a place where a large number of enemies are gathered. So try to learn how to hack guns of boom for gaining guns of boom free gunbucks.

If you want to win more gunbucks or other similar weapons, then you will have to participate in the chest that will appear after 6 hours. You can also tell your friends to join a clan so that you can strategize properly.

Another thing that you have to keep in mind is not to die. In this game which you will be getting if you can stay alive and make the double kill. A double kill will fetch you 12 points while a triple kill will fetch you 25 points.

If you are good at shooting then always try to perform the headshots. So when you are using the rifle, it cannot help you to do the headshot if it is not upgraded. Once you update your weapon, it will make it extremely dangerous for your enemies to attack you because you will not only kill them with a headshot, but you will also get extra points. So try to get more guns of boom free fun bucks.

Keep always these points in mind so that you can easily win the game. There are many hacks that you can implement to get some more resources or guns of boom free fun bucks. But always use a reliable site and do not enter your details. And do not provide money in exchange for resources. Read the reviews carefully of the past users to get the overview of the site.