Month: October 2018

Usage of Weapons in the Bullet Force game

Video games have become an important part of our lives. They are interactive and it causes the usage of our brain cells. Some strategic games have always pulled in people from all sides of the world. The age of the internet has brought in several people who share the love for a game. But before playing we will need to know about them in depth. Just let us have a look at the key components of the Bullet Force video game. So, let us begin with it.

What type of game is Bullet Force?

Bullet Force is a first party shooting based game which is multiplayer in nature. You can run it on Oss like Windows, Ios, Macintosh etc. The game revolves around some map areas so that you can play at several places and enjoy yourself without getting bored. The game was designed by an 18-year old and he did an amazing job in making this thing a success.

What are the weapons that you use in the game?

A shooting based game will always require you to carry weapons. In this game, the writer has divided the chapters into different sections and beats so that it is easy to work with them. Here are the weapons:

Light weapons are mainly the ones that you will use during the first few days of playing the game. Some examples of light weapons are MNR-7 Bio Reactive, Confed LZR-10, Foley 356 Tactical, Jax-IP etc.

Medium weapons are better than the light weapons and they do come handy in some places. The examples of these include Confed LZR-23, L-Shot 75, MK-ASLT, Jax-IR, Bower 20 and Ion Beamer.

Heavy weapons do have a weight to them but they are one of the best things to use in class. Some of the heavyweight weapons are Rail CLVR, A50 Bio reactive, Plutonium Cutter, Sweeper etc.

Other than these you will also get grenades collected from several places and they have unique names. You will also get throwing knives and darts that will help in injuring the opponents.

Tips on weapons that you should follow to play the game:

Definitely, follow these tips if you want to be a good player and have a nice game. They are:

Always check the guns that you have on yourself. Guns will always be an important decider of winning the game.

Definitely try to use the Hawk’s stealth if you get your hands on it. It immensely 

helps in winning tough games. Recharge her whenever you see a low energy warning.

If you have a canon, then fire it immediately rather than holding back on it.

The miscellaneous exploding barrels are also a nice way of killing your opponent. Just see that you are using the weapon strategically. Use Bullet Force Hack to get Bullet force free gold when you are in desperate need of it.

So, here is some information that you will definitely need while playing the game. These tips and tricks will help you out in winning the games. Enjoy the game with your friends and family.