Blackberry Bold Looking to Take the Smartphone Genre; but Can it Beat the iPhone?

Since the iPhone dropped sometime ago, little has hit the market that truly contends with the wonder that is Apple’s cell phone creation. But Blackberry, the maker of all things smart, is gearing up to release a contender, and it looks like it could take the big title. The Blackberry Bold will be released this summer and first looks and hands-on reviews have it seated right next to the iPhone ready to take the title of “best smartphone ever!”. Before we pick a winner lets see how the phones stack up against each other.
Specifications amp; Features

The iPhone stands super sleek with the following dimensions; 115 x 61 x 11.6 mm and weighs in at 135g according to GSMarena. The Blackberry is a bit lighter at 133g but the difference is neglible. It is a touch thicker and a bit wider than the iPhone though with the following dimensions; Length: 114mm, Width: 66mm, Thickness: 14mm.

Both the iPhone and the Bold offer up most of the same exact features. They both offer up bluetooth, mp3 playback, headphone jacks, wi-fi access, e-mail and texting. According to Crackberry the Bold’s display will be a HVGA, 480 x 320 pixels, Transmissive TFT LCD screen that supports over 65k colors The iPhone offers up something similar but the Bold’s screen is apparently far better. Blackberry is fairly well known for their screen quality so that comes as no surprise. The build quality is supposedly good on both, although the iPhone appears slightly sleeker.


Apple’s first parlay into the cell phone arena was a good one, without a doubt, but initial bugs had some consumers crying foul. Honestly what can you expect from a first time phone manufacturer, but with the bugs ironed out the iPhone is certainly functional. It’s biggest claim to fame is the touchscreen. While it’s a nice touch I don’t find it particularly practical so I was excited to see that blackberry stuck with their old fashion full-sized QWERTY keyboard for their new Bold. My concept on this is “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” and personally I think Blackberry has one of the nicest keyboards around (this coming from a sidekick convert says a lot).

On top of it’s nice keyboard the Blackberry has had a long standing relationship with most major carriers thus the new phones will likely be available across the board for all carriers to varying degrees. To me this is a big plus for the Bold as the iPhone has been exclusive with Cingular/AT T; since it’s launch date.

The Bold will run on a high-speed 3G wireless network according to The Sacramento Business Journal which will make the loading of web pages a breeze, adapters will also enjoy seamless streaming video from applicable websites. The iPhone runs on the EDGE network that loads something like a 56k connection (remember those) according to Network Computing.

The Bold will likely offer up about 5 hours of talk time and 13 days of stand-by. The iPhone currently fares a bit better with about 7 hours of talk time but stand-by is only about 10 days. The Bold surpasses stand-by time by about three days but that all remains to be seen as stand-by are often “mileage may vary”

Design amp; Appeal

Both the iPhone and the Bold are sleek looking smartphones that anyone would be proud to carry. The Bold appears to tote a bit more rugged design and is not nearly as glossy and polished at the iPhone, although that might be a good thing for many, less prone to scratch and what not. The bold also offers up a nice sized keyboard that is on the front of the phone, make sure you lock it to avoid any random phone calls or texts, but of all the design is nice, not nearly as innovative or tech-savvy as the iPhone but it does the job just fine.

The iPhone has long appealed to the 20-something apple crowd, but the Bold will likely appeal to the business (wo)man who is looking for something a bit more business-like. The business crowd has long flocked to the blackberry phones so that should come as no surprise.


In short the Bold is a nice new innovative phone that will offer up a quick hi-speed connection. Overall it’s a nice upgrade for the business crowd but it will take a lot for it to blow the iPhone out of the water, after all Apple has somewhat of a cult following.

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