Hay Day – The Farming Concept

Enhance The Knowledge About Farming Concept 

Are you a game lover? Want to play an interesting game? If yes then you just need to play Hay Day which is playing by a lot of players on a huge level. It is a farming game which is created by Supercell with the superb and unique concept. People are appreciating Hay Day a lot because by this they can easily enhance their knowledge about the farming concept. Many people want to do farming but due to the hustle bustle of life they can’t and by playing this they can feel that experience. In this game, you will get a chance to harvest crops in an own farm which you have to build or manage. A player can easily play such game by following the bubble texts which are provided by a scarecrow.

Role of diamonds

Diamond is one of the important resources of the game. While the playing you must focus on the ways by which diamonds can be collected. There are many ways by which you can fulfill the desire of diamonds and now I am going to describe some of them in the further article.

  • By watching a movie a player can also collect the diamonds and for this, they just need to find the pink movie ticket. After watching a movie you will get a reward which contains a diamond and some experience points.
  • In order to get diamonds player can also follow Hay Day on Facebook or search for hay day cheats diamonds. By this, you will get one diamonds and if you use your Facebook account in logging in this game then you will get five diamonds.
  • While playing Hay Day you will get many prize boxes and by clicking on those you can also get an opportunity to add diamonds.
  • The player can also spin the Wheel of fortune to get diamonds. While it is not sure that it will stop on diamonds but there is a bit possibility so you can also try this option.
  • Players can purchase diamonds for real money which is another way to get such resource. Generally, players don’t pick this option because they have to use real money.

Feed the animals

Animals are another main part of Hay Day and if you are a player then you can’t ignore the importance of it. Actually, this game is full of cute animals and they are playing an important role. Some animals also produce goods such as milk and eggs which can be sold and by this player can earn more money. Player has to give his proper attention to animals because they need proper take care. One important thing that you must keep in mind is feed animals time to time because if you don’t give a proper diet to them then they can die.  In order to feed them, you have to create a feed mill where you can manufacture the feed which can be sued for animals. In case you don’t have any feed mill then you can purchase this.

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